Thursday, 26 February 2009

Multiply by ten

If you start with the number one and multiply it by ten then you add a zero to make 10. Multiply by another ten and you add another zero to make 100. Take any number and multiply it by ten and you end up moving the decimal point one place to the right, so 15.67 becomes 156.7

Now divide by 10 and you move the decimal point to the left. This time 15.67 becomes 1.567. I hope that it is fairly easy to understand multiplication and division by ten, because some people get confused when they see a lot of numbers.

Take any number - it could be 48 374 589.245 and if you multiply it by ten it becomes 483 745 892.45 If it helps you then think of the numbers in threes - that is why we leave gaps or use commas. Multiply by 10x10 and the decimal point moves twice. Multiply by 10x10x10 and it moves three times.

That sums it up

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