Wednesday, 8 April 2009

And here are two more marks

The next question on the GCSE paper is asking if you know how to manipulate simple equations. If you multiply a times b and get c, then ab = c. If you divide both sides by the same number then the numbers on the left of the equals sign remains equal to the numbers on the right e.g. 2x2=4. Divide both sides by two and you get 2 = 2.

To get this extra mark you need to know how to manipulate equations and you are also given one answer. You also need to know that this answer is relevant to your answer even when one number has been multiplied by 100. If this multiplication occurs on the denominator then the decimal point moves twice to the right, so 2/100 = 0.02.

For one more mark you are given the equation ab = c, and then you are asked for the answer when you have ab/c. It is the same kind of manipulation. Divide both sides by c and you get ab/c = c/c and any number divided by itself is one. One is the answer they are looking for.

That sums it up

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