Monday, 27 April 2009

More Percentages

I have written about percentages in a previous blog. As a brief reminder, if you are stuck with answering a question on percentages then make it easy for yourself. Work out 1% simply by dividing the full amount by 100. If you need 7.5% you multiply this result by 7.5

Now let's consider percentage increases. If something cost £20 last year but this year it costs £40 then the price has risen by £20 Now £20 was the full cost last year so the price has risen by 100%. If it had risen by £10 then this is a 50% increase. You can probably see this straight away but let's see why. It is 10/20 of 100% = 50%. Now you know how you did it you can work out any percentage rise. If the cost was £20 but is now £21.75 the answer is just as easy to find. You may need a calculator but the technique is exactly the same. It is 1.75/20 x 100 expressed as a percentage.

That sums it up.

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