Saturday, 7 March 2009

I luv de cake

I can't get away from cake but let's start with the theme of the clock. There are 60 minutes in an hour. There are two lots of thiry minutes in an hour. So 30 out of 60 is a half. You can put this in words but mathematicians prefer to save time and just look at the numbers. 30/60 = 1/2.

If you have an equals sign, if you do something to one side then as long as you do the same thing to the other side then you can still use the equals sign. If you add 2 to both sides they are still equal. If you multiply both sides by 2 then they are still equal. If you have a fraction and multiply top and bottom by the same number then the fraction remains the same.

Start with 1/2 and multiply top and bottom by 2, and you get 2/4. This goes back to the cake. One half of a cake is the same as two quarters. I see things so much clearer with cake.

That sums it up.

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