Thursday, 12 March 2009

Mathematics is everywhere

Mathematics is all around us. It is in the folding of paper, it is at William Hill's and it is on television shows like 'deal or no deal'. I have written blogs about these three subjects but it really is everywhere. If we get to grips with maths then life is so much easier. The obvious connection between maths and adult life is with personal finance. It was Mr Micawber in David Copperfield who said "Annual income £20, annual expenditure £20 nought and six, result misery". So let’s not have a miserable life and work on our maths.

I could choose any subject but let’s talk football. You could look at ticket prices around the ground, compare your club’s prices with other clubs in the same league. Once you have the figures you could work out percentage differences. Personal finances could include the cost of getting to the match, the price of a drink and a pie, parking charges and anything else that is a cost for the day. Mathematics may not sound as glamorous as going to a football match but maths gives you an informed choice about whether you can afford to go or whether you can afford a better seat.

That sums it up.

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