Friday, 27 March 2009

More origami

Have you tried folding an ordinary A4 piece of paper so that you get a square? Take the paper in landscape and fold the top left corner diagonally so that it meets the base. If you then fold the strip that is not part of the triangle, and tear it off then you are left with a square. If you have torn it well then the width is as long as the length and that's a square.

I received a comment about my maths blog today (25th March) which reminded me that "we are moving into a 'less text' culture". It would be so much easier to get a piece of paper and show you how to make a square. It would be so much easier to show you how to find the area of a triangle if I could fold a piece of paper. Previous blogs include 'Folding paper in half' and this would have been a lot easier to show you if I put an entry on youtube.

For the moment I will settle for text, but I may even add photos! The world isn't quite ready for me on youtube yet.

That sums it up

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