Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mathematicians are not gamblers

When I wrote about roulette I mentioned that the only winner is the casino. The odds are stacked in favour of the casino as they are with the bookie. There is an exception, but you need a fantastic memory, and you shouldn't be reading 'maths for novices' if you are considering a calculated win at the casino because your maths needs to be quite advanced. In the 1990s some students took on the casinos and won. They were playing blackjack.

When I wrote about heads and tails I mentioned that the coin doesn't have a memory. the chance of another heads remains the same, however many heads have previously occurred. In blackjack there is an element of skill. You have to take cards up to the value of 21. If you exceed 21 then you have lost. If the dealer equals or gets closer to 21 then you have lost. The skill comes in when you remember the cards that have been discarded.

Unless you have a PhD in mathematics I would just accept that you don't win with gambling.

That sums it up

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